Legal Aid

We are one of only a few law firms in Cornwall that has a contract with the Legal Aid Agency, to provide Legal Aid in family matters.

Legal Aid is automatically available in care proceedings.

In other areas of family law, there is a two part test to establish a client’s eligibility. Part 1 is providing evidence that you have (a) been a victim of Domestic Abuse or that (b) a child has been harmed or is at significant risk of being harmed. Part 2 is  a financial eligibility calculation.

A member of our family team will be able to determine over the telephone or at an initial consultation meeting whether you will be able to provide evidence in writing that passes Part 1 of the assessment.

If you pass Part 1 of the test, one of our experts will undertake a financial eligibility calculation on your behalf, following which they will be able to confirm if you are eligible or not.

You are reminded that each case has to be determined on its own facts.

Use this link to see if Legal Aid could be available to you.

For further information please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our family lawyers.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, you may wish to take advantage of one of our fixed fee packages instead.

Fixed Fees Packages for Family Matters

We have a range of packages to suit your circumstances. Please click the package you are interested in for more information or call one of our family lawyers for further details.

NB all prices are subject to VAT and disbursements (eg: Court fees).

One of our family lawyers will spend up to an hour with you to find out about your situation and advise how we can help.

At this meeting we hope to gain a clear idea of the issues on which you need advice and discuss with you the options open to you, the pros and cons of each option and the likely cost of each.  We will advise you whether Legal Aid is likely to be available to help pay your legal costs.

Some clients find that an hour’s advice is all that is needed at this stage to put their minds at rest, or to enable them to take further action on their own.  If you decide that you would like us to take matters further for you, then we would begin to plan the next steps with you.

If any further action is necessary then we can offer you a range of fixed fees in relation to divorce and for dealing with financial matters arising from your divorce.

Please note that the fixed fee first appointment does not cover the cost of any follow-up work following the meeting, such as writing to your spouse or former partner, or confirming our advice to you by letter.
This fixed fee divorce package is designed to give clients certainty and peace of mind from the outset.  At this stressful time, many people are hesitant to approach solicitors for advice because of the fear of how much it will cost.  Our fixed fee divorce package makes the divorce process straightforward and cost effective by including all the elements required to sort out your divorce.

Our fixed fee divorce package includes the following:-

  • A first meeting with a family lawyer for up to one hour.
  • Preparation of your Divorce Petition and Statement of Arrangements for Children.
  • Preparation of all legal documents required for an uncontested divorce.
  • Dealing with all steps from filing your Divorce Petition to applying for your Decree Absolute.
  • Writing to the Court and to your spouse or his/her solicitors as necessary in relation to the divorce.
  • Keeping you advised about progress of all stages.

Your divorce may require additional work to be carried out which is not included in the fixed cost.  If this happens in your case then we will advise you before carrying out any additional work and give you an estimate of the likely cost.  All additional work will be charged at an hourly rate which your family lawyer will discuss with you.

Please note that the following are not included in the fixed fee divorce package:-

  • Assisting you to complete the Fee Remission Application Form; nor to deal with any enquiries which the court may raise in relation to your application for Fee Remission.
  • Dealing with a divorce if it becomes contested by your spouse.
  • Dealing with a divorce with a foreign element.
  • Dealing with a divorce based on adultery where a co-respondent is named in the Divorce Petition.
  • Making changes to your Divorce Petition after it has been issued by the Court.
  • Proceedings or correspondence to resolve financial matters.
  • Proceedings or correspondence relating to children.
  • The cost or work involved in personally serving any documents on your spouse.
  • The cost of any work involved in locating your spouse.
  • The cost of any extra applications that may need to be made to the Court during the Court process.
  • Obtaining a duplicate copy of your Marriage Certificate if you cannot find the original.
  • Obtaining a duplicate copy of your Decree Absolute if you lose it.
  • Any Court Fees including the fee for issuing the Divorce Petition, and the fee for applying for the Decree Absolute.

This is just a summary of what is and what is not included in our fixed fee divorce package.  Before we proceed we will provide you with a copy of the full terms and conditions and answer any further questions which you may have.  Please note that if you engage us on a fixed fee basis for your divorce you will still be liable for the full fixed fee in the event that you subsequently decide not to proceed and/or reconcile with your spouse.

This includes taking your initial instructions and preparing a Deed Poll which is a formal statement to prove that your name has changed.  Proof of name change is often required when applying for a passport or driver’s licence. Please note that this fee does not include officially registering the Deed Poll, which is known as enrolling a Deed Poll with the Royal Courts of Justice in London.
This includes taking your initial instructions, seeking the consent of all those parties with parental responsibility for the child, preparing the Deed Poll and supporting documentation and enrolling the Deed Poll with the Royal Courts of Justice in London.