Legal Aid Family

We are one of only a few firms in Cornwall that has a contract with the Legal Services Commission to provide Legal Aid in family matters.

We undertake an assessment to establish whether you are eligible for Legal Aid on two grounds. First we do a means test at your first appointment to calculate whether you are financially eligible for Legal Aid. Secondly, we conduct a merits test, to see if your case is duly merited and qualifies as an area in which we can offer you assistance under the Legal Aid scheme, known as Public Funding. If you are, then we should be able to help you fund your case through Legal Aid.

We always offer comprehensive advice and an explanation of what Legal Aid will mean for you. Each matter is considered individually but if you consider yourself to be on a low income with little by way of capital assets then you may well qualify and be able to access Legal Aid.

You can check your eligibility for Legal Aid by following the link to the Legal Services Commission’s eligibility calculator through our “Useful Links” page.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, you may wish to take advantage of our fixed fee packages for family matters.